Andedammen duck pond in summer.
The duck pond in summer in Sauda.

Andedammen family park🐷

Andedammen or ‘The Duck Pond’ in English is a lovely park and green area right by the town centre, right by historic Åbøbyen.

In the summer Andedammen is also a petting zoo and is home to ducks, geese, pigs, goats, rabbits and carp. 

Andedammen is a great place for kids and for animal lovers of all ages. 

Andedammen has several picnic areas, gapahuk and a lego exhibition featuring famous buildings from Sauda and a train.  

There’s no entry fee for Andedammen, everything is free and please respect the aniamsl and do not feed the animals. 

Many of the walks that start in the town centre go through Andedammen. 

Kjelder: Fjord Norway, Andedammens Venner

Other activites and attractions close by

Right by Andedammen you’ll find Sauda minigolf, with Norway’s most modern minigolf course and a boccia field. 

Towards the town centre you’ll find Saudahallen – Sauda’s public swimming pools. It is open year round. 

Take a walk through Åbøbyen – a historic part of the town that dates back to the industrial revolution in Sauda.