Svandalsfossen på sommaren.

Waterfalls in Sauda

Fossdalsfossen om hausten.

Fossar i Sauda

Svandalsfossen waterfall

The spectacular Svandalsfossen waterfall can be found along the national scenic route Ryfylke, just before Saudasjøen in Sauda. 

The waterfall has a combined fall of 580 ft, and the head has a free fall of 130 ft.

Around the lower part of the waterfall there’s a bridge and stair structure, the stairs with 540 steps gets you close to the gentle giant and opens up a gorgeous view of the fjord. 

Dronefoto av Svandalsfossen p[ sommaren.
Foto: John EikCaffery
View from Jettegrytene fairy pools towards Buer in summer
Foto: Aasta Eik-Nes

Jettegrytene fairypools in Buer, Åbødalen

Jettegrytene fairypools are a well kept secret among locals in Sauda. In summer the fairy pools are perfect for a refreshing paddle and the area is great outside of the winter season for a picnic.  In winter this area is not accessible due to snow cover. 

‘Jettegrytene’ means the troll’s cauldrons in Norwegian. 

These pools are shaped over thousands of years, in turn shaping the rocks that give the pools their characteristic shapes. 

At Jettegrytene you can meet curious goats, go foraging for blueberries in fall and enjoy amazing views of Buer and Fossdalsfossen waterfall year round. 

Kastfoss waterfall

Kastfoss waterfall is close to Sauda town centre.  To enjoy a leisurely walk to the waterfall, park at the parking lot by Sauda minigolf and follow the gravel path along Storelva river to Kastfoss. You can continue your walk from Kastfoss waterfall to Lona, a secluded forested area along the river. Walk the same route back.  

View from top of Kastfoss waterfall in Sauda, Norway on a clear spring day.
Foto: Aasta Eik-Nes
Høllandsfossen i Sauda på sommarstid

Høllandsfossen waterfall

Høllandsfossen waterfall can be seen from the road between downtown Sauda and Åbødalen, shortly after passing Sauda Ungdomskule (Sauda middle school) on the right side of the road. 

The waterfall is boisterous and loud when there’s a big rainfall and the waterfall measures an impressive 82 ft. 

To get close to this waterfall you can walk on the old stone bridge, built in 1860 by a man from Etne (neighbouring county) named Henrik Qambe.

Fossdalsfossen waterfall

Fossdalsfossen waterfall is a picturesque waterfall in Åbødalen with a free fall of 82 ft. This waterfall is very visible from Buer in Åbødalen. Often in winter the waterfall freezes over, creating an enormous ice sculpture.  

To get a good view of the waterfall in summertime, drive from Sauda town centre towards Åbødalen, follow the road to Jeskedalen parking lot, further up to Storemyr mountain lake, where there’s parking. 

From here you can walk to Buer, Fossdalsfossen waterfall is on the left side of the beautiful valley. 

Fossdalsfossen om hausten.
Foto: Aasta Eik-Nes