The idyllic Tangen picnic area in Sauda on a sunny summer's day.
Turgåar ser på utsikt mot Buer på sommarstid.

Useful information

Sauda is an industrial small town nestled between fjords and mountains - gateway to the wilderness

Sauda Tourist Information

Sauda Tourist Information is located at Rådhusgata 31, in Det Gule Hus Sauda. 

Here you can get the latest updates on guided tours, seasonal hikes, tourist attractions and what’s on in Sauda. 

Most attractions in Sauda are connected to nature, hydropower and Norway’s industrial history, such as guided mining expeditions to Allmannajuvet gorge

Contact details - Sauda Tourist Information Office

Visiting adress

Rådhusgata 31
4200 SAUDA

Contact us

Phone: +47 411 22 147

Opening hours

Winter season: 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday:

10 AM – 5 PM

Thursday: 10 AM – 6 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 10 AM – 3 PM


Summer season (20th of June – 20th of August):

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday:

10 AM – 5 PM

Thursday: 10 AM – 6 PM

Saturday and Sunday: 10 AM – 4 PM

Equipment rental

You can rent equipment for outdoor activities and events at the Tourist Information Office. Send us an e-mail or stop by the office to get a price list. 

Fyr i bålpanne på ein sommarskveld.

Practical information

The road to Sauda

Sauda lies to the far north in Rogaland, a 2 hours drive from Haugesund and  2.5 hours drive from Stavanger, along the National Scenic Route Ryfylke

You can also travel from Stavanger by boat – The journey takes you through gorgeous fjords or you can get the bus from Haugesund or Ølen. Public transport schedules can be found at  

There are no trains in this part of Norway. 

Saudavegen Røldal - Sauda

Saudavegen (Fv. 250) is a spectacular mountain pass between Røldal and Sauda. Saudavegen road between Hellandsbygd and Røldal is closed in winter.

Worth knowing that the road up to Breiborg (a bit further along the mountain road from Hellandsbygd is open from the winter holidays, usually in the month of February. Keep up to date on road closures at Statens Vegvesen


Recycling station for Campervans & Caravans

Sauda recycling station, tømmestasjon, Kyrkjegata, right by the fjord

Charging station for electric vehicles

Eviny charing station, Kyrkjegata 10, 4200 SAUDA
Mer charging station Brugata 2, 4200 SAUDA

Petrol staton

ESSO bensinstasjon, Kyrkjegata 6, 4200 SAUDA


B&B Garage Birkelandsvegen 102, 4200 SAUDA
Sauda Garage, Birkelandsvegen 122, 4200 SAUDA
ESSO bensinstasjon, Kyrkjegata 6, 4200 SAUDA

Recycling centre

Sorteringsanlegget Birkelandsvegen 152, 4200 SAUDA
Miljøstasjon EXTRA Sauda, Brugata 2, 4200 SAUDA


Apotek 1 Sauda, Skulegata 10, 4200 SAUDA


Sauda legesenter, Åbødalsvegen 79, 4200 SAUDA
Tel: 52 78 60 00

Sauda lensmannskontor - police

Kyrkjegata 2, 4200 SAUDA Tel: 52 78 55 77

Post office

EXTRA Sauda, Brugata 2, 4200 Sauda
Kan også hente pakker på Bunnpris, Saudavegen 9, 4200 SAUDA

Grocery stores

Bunnpris, Saudavegen 9, 4200 Sauda
KIWI Torggata 3, 4200 SAUDA
EXTRA, Brugata 2, 4200

veterinary clinic

Sauda Veterinærkontor Austarheimsvegen 116, 4200 SAUDA Tel: 52 79 71 55

Useful links

Skiing & hiking

In winter Sauda has over 100 km marked ski trails. To keep up to date about when the ski trails are being maintained check out S\

Check avalanche and landslide risks on

Sauda is great for both skiing and hiking. Get to know the Norwegian Mountain code when planning your next adventure. 

Sauda is surrounded by nature and our house rules or Norwegian Laws of Nature will help you get a better understanding of how you can travel responsibly in this gorgeous environment. 

The Right to Roam

We give you almost unhindered access to the countryside here in Norway. Learn more about how the right to roam is relevant to you and your travel plans here

What lies beyond Sauda?

Sauda is in an area with endless wilderness. For more inspiration for your next adventure, check out VisitRyfylke, the digital portal to Ryfylke. 

Telt på ei eng i fjelllandskap.
Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

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