A person fishing
Photo by Samantha Deleo on Unsplash

Fishing in Sauda 🐟

Fishing is a great way to experience nature here in Sauda. To fish in the freshwater lakes and rivers you need to buy a fishing license. 

You can purchase a fishing license online at or

If you want to shop local you can buy a fishing license at the tourist office in Sauda (Brugata 4) or at Nuten Sport or Intersport in Sauda but please be aware that these fishing licenses are for mountain lakes only, not rivers. 

Guidelines for responsible fishing in Sauda:

  • Keep your fishing license on you or carry id showing that you are under 16 years of age when you are fishing in a body of freshwater. 
  • Do not use living fish  as bait. 
  • Do not move fish from one body of water to another. 
  • Gut and clean the fish in the water you caught the fish in. 
  • Dry fishing equipment, boots and waders before you move to a different body of water. This is to prevent the spread of living organisms and disease. 
  • Do not disturb any animals in the area, this is espescially important in the spawning and nesting seasons. Occassionaly no foot traffic is allowed, please respect this. 
  • Leave no trace – always take your trash with you home.