Blomster og folk på minigolfbanen

Fun activities in Sauda

Sauda has a cultural hub (Folkets Hus), a cinema (currently undergoing renovations, will open in the winter of 2023), library and sports arena. 

For families there is the family park Andedammen, with amenities like minigolf and boccia. There is also a playpark behind town hall. 

The public swimming pool Saudahallen has an outdoor and an indoor area and the swimming pool is open year round. The water holds a steady 32 degrees both indoor and outdoor. 

Choose among seasonal hikes with Varden as a startig point in Sauda or explore Sauda’s historic quarter Åbøbyen. Travel to Allmannajuvet to visit Peter Zumthor’s monument to the miners who worked the zinc mines over a century ago and explore the mineshafts on a guided tour. 

Have a leisurely day at Sauda golfcourse in the gorgeous surroundings in Saudasjøen or bring your family to Eventyrskogen (fairy tale woods) and Trolpllassen in Nordstøldalen. 

Frolic in the snow during the winter season at Sauda ski centre or go adventuring on cross country snow paths. 

View to Svandalen in Sauda on a spring day.

Walks and hikes in Sauda

Foto: John EikCaffery Hikes around Sauda 🏕️ Sauda is great for hikers and there’s many daytrip options available. For more experienced hikers there’s always the option to extend the hike,

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