Rødstjødna lake in spring, Sauda, Ryfylke, Norway.
Rødstjødna lake in Sauda under a blue sky with snowcapped mountains in the distance.
Photo: Aasta Eik-Nes

fjord beaches, mountain lakes & fairy pools 🏊🏽‍♂️

In Sauda you can actually enjoy going swimming all year – Saudahallen public swimming pool is open year round and features both an indoor and outdoor swimming pool.

In the summer season the opportunities open up – In Sauda you can go wild swimming in the fjord, mountain lakes or our beautiful fairy pools. 

Rødstjødna mountain lake

Rødstjødna is a small mountain lake right by idyllic Tinghaug and Sauda golfcourse in Saudasjøen. 

At Rødstjødna lake you’ll find a swimming platform and a gapahuk. The lake is swimable from May till September. 

There is also a pleasant walking path around Rødstjødna lake, read more at

Rødstjødna is also called Rødstjørna. 

On Sundays in the summer season you can enjoy a slice of cake and freshly brewed coffee at  Annas Kafé on Tinghaug or a round of golf at  Sauda Golfklubb when the snow’s melted. 

Rødstjødna lake in Sauda, Norway
People swimming in the fjord at Nesøyra beach
Photo: Linn Gauthun

Nesøyra - recreational area with a fjord beach

Nesøyra is a public park area where you can go for a swim, go fishing or have a picnic.  At Nesøyra you’ll find a sand beach, a green area, gapahuk and public toilets. enjoy the view of beautiful Saudafjorden in summer. 

This recreational area is southwest fo Sauda town centre, in Saudasjøen.

World War II structures can still be seen in the landscape such as abandoned traincarts and a guard hut. 

You can walk from Nesøyra along the Nes canal, either to Saudasjøen or all the way into Sauda. 

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Source: Friluftsrådet VEST

Storemyr lake - Refreshing mountain lake in Åbødalen valley

Storemyr is a mountain lake above in Åbødalen, north of Sauda town centre. 

The area features a small sand beach, swimming platform, sand volley ball, tables and benches, gapahuk, firebaskets for barbeque and toilets. 

This part of Åbødalen is great for bike rides and mountain hikes. If you venture deeper into Åbødalen you will come across Jettegrytene – Sauda’s fairy pools. 

People paddling in Storemyr lake under a blue sky.
Photo: Aasta Eik-Nes
Picture of the sand beach at Sauda Fjord Camping in Sauda, Ryfylke, Norway, in summer
Foto: Sauda Fjord Camping

Sandy beach at Sauda Fjord Camping inSaudasjøen

The beach at Sauda Fjord Camping is one of very few fjord beaches in the area. This beach is perfect for children and young families. 

Late in summer the fjord keeps a pleasant temperature, perfect for a paddle and wild swimming. 

Need inspiration for your next staycation or holiday? Find out more about Sauda Fjord Camping  here. 

Sauda's fairy pools - Jettegrytene

Jettegrytene are formed by nature and time and can be found at the end of the road in Buer in Åbødalen. On a warm day this area is perfect for a paddle and a barbeque. 

The fairy pools can be a bit challenging to find; follow the gravel road from Storemyr mountain lake till the end in Buer. Here you can follow a path further into Buer, and after about 800m you will find yourself at Jettegrytene fairy pools. 

Jettegrytene fairy pools in Sauda, Norway.
Photo: Per Inge Fjellheim